Book Review: Advent: Remembering How Jesus Came And Will Come Again

Advent Remembering How Jesus Came And Will Come Again by 25 Daily Readings for Families to Share at Christmas Time | Make Your Own Book

Rating: ★★★★☆

Emily Campbell, a pastor’s wife at Sovereign Grace Church in Spotsylvania, VA, has put together a lovely Advent reader.  It can be used on its own, but it’s designed to be used alongside an Advent calendar holding small tokens behind the doors to use for object lessons. If you don’t have the creativity to come up with tokens, there is a page of stickers included to put on the the back of your doors, and there would be room for treats in the compartments.

Each of the 25 readings consists of a short scripture, a brief discussion, and sometimes a suggested song (lyrics and historical notes about each song in the appendix). Some studies discuss traditional symbols such as candy canes, poinsettias, and Christmas trees, but as you would expect from a Sovereign Grace author, the readings are closely focused on the person and work of Jesus. You begin the season by learning about his importance, then move to Israel’s anticipation of the Messiah, then the story of his birth, a discussion of his character, his death, and his promised return.

Each 5-minute reading is illustrated with a hand-drawn picture which is reproduced in the stickers. It’s written in a voice that middle schoolers won’t think is babyish, but it’s easily understandable for an elementary audience.  If you don’t use the suggested tokens, the readings might lack the kind of engagement younger children need, but they are brief enough that nobody will have time to get bored. I especially appreciate Mrs. Campbell’s restrained writing style: she conveys her message in simple language, and doesn’t feel the need to go on and on. Yet in her few words she manages to convey a deep understanding of the biblical Advent story as well as a good deal of historical information.

It’s available on, with discounts for bulk orders.

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Publication Information: Campbell, Emily. Advent: Remembering How Jesus Came And Will Come Again. Blurb inc.. 2012.
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Posted on November 30, 2014

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