Book Review: Samuel Eaton’s Day

Rating: ★★★★☆

Samuel Eaton is a seven-year-old Pilgrim in 1627 Plymouth, a peer of Sarah Morton, and his story is another installment of Kate Waters’ historical reenactment series. Similar in quality to the others in the series, this has a bit more of a story than Sarah Morton’s Day.  Young Samuel, seeking to earn his place in his community, entreats his father to let him work at the rye harvest, and though the work is difficult he pushes himself hard, earning the praise of the men with whom he works.

Samuel, like Sarah, has a step-parent — both of them lost a parent in the difficult early times of the settlement. Unlike Sarah, however, who worries about her stepfather’s acceptance, Samuel seems very secure in his new family’s love. He contributes enthusiastically to his household, plays kindly with his young stepsister, and shares a sweet connection with his stepmother. This book, probably more than any of the others, gives the reader a sense of the difficult, often desperate work required for the Pilgrims to survive in their strange new home. He also greets two Native friends while out gathering food, reminding us how much the Pilgrims owed to the Native people who welcomed them. It’s another great addition to a Thanksgiving read-aloud.

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Publication Information: Waters, Kate. Samuel Eaton's Day. Kendall, Russ (Photographer). Kate Waters Historical Reenactments; Scholastic. 1993. ISBN: 9780590463119.
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Posted on November 14, 2014

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