Book Review: Doggies

Rating: ★★★★☆

It might seem that a board book whose words consist entirely of different kinds of dog barks (and one cat) would be boring. But Boynton, a master of rhythm and humor, captures ten different dog personalities through the sounds they make. Each page builds on the last, as dogs join the group one by one until the group reaches ten. Preschoolers will adore this book, asking for it again and again, and adults who love them will have to get their barking voices in shape. Because this book requires a loud performance, it may not be well suited for reading in public — unless you are interested in reading to the crowd of other children who may flock toward you.

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Publication Information: Boynton, Sandra. Doggies. Little Simon. 1984. ISBN: 9780671493189.
Categories: 4 Stars, Age 00-04
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Posted on November 13, 2014

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