Book Review: The Quiltmaker’s Journey

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This review is kindly brought to you by Deirdre Allen, lending a hand after a family move temporarily deep-sixed my writing ability.

The Quiltmaker’s Journey is a prequel to The Quiltmaker’s Gift.  It tells the story of a young girl living her life in an enclosed town where all are also rich and protected.  Although she has everything, the girl does not feel happy.  One day, she decides to seek for the secret passageway that would lead outside the walls of the town.  The Elders, as they are called, have warned against going outside the town boundaries and have said that all who leave will never return.  The young woman finds the passage and makes her way out into the wider world.  Once there she is horrified to find ugliness and poverty and despair, but nothing quite as frightening as the Elders had led her to believe.  She begins to give away the few things she has and finds it brings her happiness.  Soon after, she finds her way back to the town, confronts the Elders and asks for their assistance in helping those outside the walls.  The Elders refuse and the girl is left to decide how she will choose to live the rest of her life.

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Publication Information: Brumbeau, Jeff. Quiltmaker's Journey, The. de Marcken, Gail (Illustrator). Orchard. 2005. ISBN: 0439512190.
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Posted on March 15, 2012

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