Book Review: Three Little Kittens

Rating: ★★★★☆

Paul Galdone‘s  straightforward, old-fashioned interpretation of many classic fairy tales made a prolific career for him before modern printing technology transformed the world of picture books.  In this faithful rendition of the classic nursery rhyme, the three little kittens play out their mitten drama, alternately scolded and praised by their mother, while a cheerful rat plays hide-and-seek in the background.  Galdone’s cheery images and the classic repetitive text make this a great standby for toddlers and early readers, who will appreciate the predictable text.

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Publication Information: Galdone, Paul. Three Little Kittens. Clarion. 1986. ISBN: 0899194265.
Categories: 4 Stars, Age 00-04, Amblesideonline,, Easy Readers

Posted on November 21, 2011

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