Book Review: Tut, Tut

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Candy caramels are made with nutritious ingredients mixed with equal parts sugar.  They are tasty, enjoyable, and have virtually no nutritional value.  They are very like this pleasantly written, irreverent and forgettable time-travel story, part of a longer series by the same author.  In Tut Tut, three friends are accidentally whisked into the time of ancient Egypt by a pesky younger sister, who is befriended by the goddess Isis.  They, in turn, impress the boy-pharaoh with their sneakers and basketball skills, with a little additional help from scientific tricks that they pass off as magic.

Amidst the lighthearted, fast-moving plot the author mixes in quite a bit of trivia about ancient Egyptian culture, with quite a bit of juvenile humor but without any real sense of the cultural gravity of that great society.  This is a fairly unobjectionable library read.  While its accessibility makes it a good choice for a reluctant reader, I don’t recommend it as part of a permanent home library.

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Publication Information: Scieszka, Jon. Tut Tut. Smith, Lane (Illustrator). Time Warp Trio; Puffin. 1996. ISBN: 0142400475.
Categories: 3 Stars, Age 04-08
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Posted on July 5, 2010

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