Book Review: The Trumpet of the Swan

Rating: ★★★★★

Louis, a trumpeter swan, was hatched without a voice and so is unable to win a mate, even though with the help of his human friend Sam, he has learned to read and write.  Out of paternal love, Louis’ father breaks into a music store and steals a trumpet for Louis to use in courtship of the beautiful Serena.  But Louis is too honorable to simply accept the stolen instrument — he learns to play it, then hires out his musical ability until he can pay back the store owner.  Throughout his adventures are woven adventure, romance, absurdity, and White’s perceptive view of human nature.

The Trumpet of the Swan is an exceptionally creative work, reminiscent in different ways of Make Way for Ducklings, Charlotte’s Web, and Homer Price, but unique unto itself.  The reader will finish the book not only having had a good time, but appreciating the value of love and music, work and family, as well as knowing a little more about the habits of trumpeter swans.  It’s an outstanding choice for a read-aloud.

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Publication Information: White, E.B.. Trumpet of the Swan, The. Marcellino, Fred (Illustrator). HarperCollins. 1970. ISBN: 0064410943.
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Posted on July 3, 2010

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