Book Review: Celebrate Feelings

Rating: ★★★★★

Heidi Bratton is a homeschooling mother of six children ranging in age from 2 to 20.  She is a prolific writer of inspirational articles in Catholic Exchange, Touchstone Magazine, and elsewhere.  She is also an award-winning photographer and the author of multiple children’s books.  Her new Celebrate series is her third series of board books.

It takes a gifted author to communicate complex concepts for both adults and children, and Bratton’s rich experience as a mother and writer shines. Her text is comfortingly repetitive, developing simple concepts from Scripture so they are crystal clear.  The photos which illustrate the text are remarkable.  They are black and white, perfect for babies and toddlers whose color-perception is still developing.  Rather than using extraordinary, airbrushed subjects for her photos, she focuses on ordinary individuals, captured in extraordinary moments.  The result is an inviting, appealing experience both for read-aloud and toddler “read”-alone play.

Celebrate Feelings is based on Jesus’ invitation in Mark 10:13-16 for children to come to Him.  In it, Bratton presents photographs of young children experiencing various moods:  silly, sad, scared, prayerful, playful,mad, merry, grumpy, and greedy.  The gentle accompanying text reiterates with each image that Jesus wants to be with the child no matter how they feel.

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Publication Information: Bratton, Heidi. Celebrate Feelings. Celebrate; Circle Press. 2009. ISBN: 1933271337.
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Posted on March 25, 2010

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