Book Review: Big Red Barn

Rating: ★★★★☆

Big Red Barn is one of those baby books that provokes either charm or annoyance in adult readers, and delight in young listeners.  It is marked by Brown’s soothingly rhythmic, repetitive text, sprinkled with farmyard animal noises that toddlers will love to imitate.  The story opens with “a pink pig/ who was learning to squeal” greeting the sunrise.  Other farm animals go about their activities throughout the day, and (just as in Goodnight Moon) the pictures become progressively darker as night falls on the barn.

This classic board book is brightly illustrated, interactive and soothing.  It’s a good fit for both preverbal toddlers and children who are just beginning to understand how story events progress in sequence.  It’s a very nice choice for both boys and girls.

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Publication Information: Brown, Margaret Wise. Big Red Barn. Bond, Feliciz (Illustrator). HarperFestival. 1956. ISBN: 0694006246.
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Posted on January 15, 2010

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