Book Review: Christmas in the Barn

Rating: ★★★☆☆

This book is a kind of combination of a traditional Nativity retelling and the popular board book Big Red Barn.  Brown interweaves familiar phrases from Big Red Barn with the biblical story, as well as phrases from traditional Christmas carols, in her characteristically pleasant, soothing rhythm.  The illustrations (both the modern version illustrated by Diane Goode and the original by Barbara Cooney) depict a modern couple having a baby in an American-style barn — an innovation some parents may love and others may object to.  The text doesn’t flow as well as Brown’s other books, but it’s a pretty good one-time read.

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Publication Information: Brown, Margaret Wise. Christmas in the Barn. Goode, Diane (Illustrator). Crowell. 1952. ISBN: 006052636X.
Categories: 3 Stars, Age 00-04,
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Posted on December 23, 2009

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