Book Review: Gingerbread Houses

Rating: ★★★★★

Among the many books about building gingerbread houses, this is the best for beginners that I have found.  Christa Currie has made countless houses in varying designs, won some prizes, and started a home business selling gingerbread houses.  This book lays out the basics of building this confectionary delight, with simple instructions for creating the design and recipes for the gingerbread and the royal icing (or candy glue) that holds it together.  There are detailed directions for decorating houses, recommendations for preserving them from year to year, and  ideas for marketing them for sale.  The book is illustrated with pencil drawings, and helpful diagrams are supplied for most of the instructions.

Currie’s expertise comes from enthusiasm and experience rather than gourmet training, and her practical advice (don’t make the house taller than its width without additional support, for example) is perfect for the novice gingerbreader.  Her writing is clear and readable, and personable without being too chatty.  This is an outstanding resource for a family gingerbread project.

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Publication Information: Currie, Christa. Gingerbread Houses. Main Street Books. 1994. ISBN: 0385472676.
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Posted on December 18, 2009

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