Book Review: Elmer and the Dragon

Rating: ★★★★☆

A continuation of the lighthearted fantasy begun in My Father’s Dragon, in which the dragon delivers Elmer to his home after their adventures.  Throughout their journey they meet similar challenges as in the first story — a storm that maroons them, a riddle to be solved on an isolated island, and treasure discovered.  Elmer’s homecoming (bearing gifts for his parents) is heartwarming, although he never tells the secret of his adventure.

It would be better for his adventure take place with his parents’ knowledge and blessing, but this is still an exciting, interesting and funny story excursion.

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Publication Information: Gannett, Ruth Stiles. Elmer and the Dragon. Gannett, Ruth Chrisman (Illustrator). My Father's Dragon; Random House. 1950. ISBN: 0394890493.
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Posted on September 20, 2009

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  • Rhiannon says:

    This is my all-time favorite book! I’m only 11! My dad used to read it to me every night when I was little! I’ve reread it maybe 3 times on my own!

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