Book Review: Kate Greenaway’s Mother Goose

Rating: ★★★★☆

Kate Greenaway’s Mother Goose book, originally published in 1881, includes most of the best-loved nursery rhymes illustrated in beautiful watercolor paintings.  Their mood is gently romantic, rather than playful like DePaola’s and Opie’s Mother Goose collections.  For parents who want to introduce a little “real” art to their young children, this could be a very nice fit.  It’s also available in a three-volume board book format.

Anthony Gonzalez (22 months), August 2009

Anthony Gonzalez (22 months), August 2009

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Publication Information: Greenaway, Kate. Kate Greenaway's Mother Goose. Dial. 1988. ISBN: 0873282167.
Categories: 4 Stars, Age 00-04
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Posted on September 4, 2009

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