Book Review: Could Be Worse!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Nothing new ever happens at Grandfather’s house, and his favorite response to everything is “Could be worse!”  One day he overhears his grandchildren wondering if anything interesting ever happens to him, and the next morning he greets them with a tremendously tall tale involving a kidnapping by a large bird, an encounter with an abominable snowman, a journey to the bottom of the sea, and a ride on a paper airplane.  It becomes evident at the end of his story that his is gently pulling the children’s legs, and they respond with appropriate teasing: “Could be worse!”

The story is well paced, nicely crafted and easy to read, but what really makes it fun is Stevenson’s whimsical, funny artwork.  The gentle relationship between Grandfather and his grandchildren is positive and warm, and children will enjoy this flight of fancy, grounded in the context of a secure relationship.  It’s not a classic, but certainly worth reading a few times.

David and Bridgette MacKenzie with Christopher (Feb 09)

David and Bridgette MacKenzie with Christopher (Age 3, Feb 2009)

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Publication Information: Stevenson, James. Could be Worse!. Greenwillow Books. 1977. ISBN: 0688070353.
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Posted on August 20, 2009

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