Book Review: The Little Engine That Could

Rating: ★★★★☆

This classic book tells the story of a train whose engine stalls out before it can get over the last mountain to deliver toys and food to the good children on the other side of the mountain.  The toys begin to flag down passing engines to take them the rest of the way.  Several engines refuse, but a little blue engine agrees to try, even though she has never pulled such a heavy load.  Through generous good will and tenacity she makes it over hill.

The well-written and original plot, and the pleasantly repetitive “I think I can,” “I thought I could” has ensured its popularity for over sixty years.  It has been illustrated in several styles, but this one and the one by Ruth Sanderson are the best ones I have seen.

The Wee Sing And Pretend album has a “Little Blue Engine” song derived from this book which makes a good companion to it.

Christopher Gonzalez, July 2009

Christopher Gonzalez (Age 4), July 2009

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Publication Information: Piper, Watty. Little Engine That Could, The. Hauman, George & Doris (Illustrators). Putnam. 1930. ISBN: 0448405202.
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Posted on August 13, 2009

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