Book Review: Apricot ABC

Rating: ★★★★☆

Miska Miles has masterfully composed a genuinely interesting story set to an acrostic of the alphabet.  An Apricot falls from a tree, startling a Bee, which calls some Crickets and Caterpillars to come and see.  All manner of creatures from different environs encounter the apricot, until a hen happens by and eats it.  Seasons pass until the apricot seed shoots and sprouts to become a young apricot tree.

The story includes the four seasons through the plant’s life cycle, and also depicts many small creatures and plants in their natural environments.  It wonderfully combines a multi-layered experience of the natural world with the didactic instruction about the alphabet.  Peter Parnall’s illustrations are clean-lined and lively, and he blends each letter into the meadow’s environment for readers to find.

Apricot ABC brings together many elements that make a children’s book excellent: interesting illustrations (though not with the flash of newer printing technologies), well-written rhyming text, rhythmic pacing, a little bit of drama, an experience of the outdoor world, some unusual vocabulary, and a visual “I spy” element.  It is an outstanding addition to a home library.

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Publication Information: Miles, Miska. Apricot ABC. Parnall, Peter (Illustrator). Little, Brown. 1969. ASIN: B0007HE804.
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Posted on August 7, 2009

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  • vickie says:

    I love this book! My daughter bought it thru a book club at her elementary school and I still love reading it, after 28 years.
    Thank you, Miska Miles, for sharing your talents!


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