Book Review: Go Dog Go!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Go Dog Go is an easy reader portraying many kinds of dogs engaged in various activities.  It introduces opposites and adjectives, as well as many human activities such as riding carnival rides, following traffic rules, sleeping, waking, working, and playing.  These are all presented in brief  scenes, with two main interwoven plots — dogs driving to a dog party, and a male and female dog who become friends by the end of the story.  The brief scenes ought to make the book a good fit for toddlers with short attention spans, and beginning readers, for whom the task of reading can be arduous.

The words are simple, but Eastman creates funny and imaginative scenarios through repetition and appealing drawings.  The book was published before sophisticated printing techniques were available, and its charm is enhanced by its simplicity.  It does, however, get old for adults around the tenth read-aloud.

Christopher (Age 2) December 2007

Christopher (Age 2) December 2007

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Publication Information: Eastman, P.D.. Go, Dog, Go!. Random House Books for Young Readers. 1966. ISBN: 0394900200.
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Posted on July 31, 2009

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