Book Review: Just Lost!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The Little Critter series mostly consist of short stories about a child whose ordinary experiences young readers will identify with.  Many of them are useful for introducing new (and potentially frightening) scenarios to young readers.  In this one, Little Critter gets separated from his mother and brother at the mall, so he finds a clerk in a store to have his mother paged.  The story is narrated by Little Critter who tells of his experiences with sly irony– he reports to the clerk, “My mom is lost!”  and when he is reunited with his family, he declares, “I knew she was glad I found them.”  Children will enjoy this humorous perspective, which lightens the fear that accompanies Little Critter’s vulnerable situation.

We have used the Little Critter books to prepare our children for new experiences, and this one in particular is helpful because Little Critter does exactly what a lost child should do: he finds a woman with a name tag, working behind a cash register, who introduces him to a security guard wearing a uniform.  Not only does this book prepare a child for the emotional challenges of being lost, it also provides an example of what to do, and introduces the kinds of people most likely to protect and help a lost child.  The story quality is good, but not exceptional, so I recommend reading this book a few times until the lesson is learned, and then phasing it out.

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Publication Information: Mayer, Gina and Mercer. Just Lost!. Little Critter; . 1994. ISBN: 030712844X.
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Posted on June 15, 2009

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