Book Review: Monumental Mazes

Rating: ★★★★☆

This is a wonderfully illustrated book of mazes based on architectural monuments and moments in history (some of them are the Eiffel Tower, Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, and the Great Wall of China.)  The level of detail in these pictures is wonderful, almost rivaling the Where’s Waldo books, and it’s nice that the maze exercises are grounded in real scenes from history and geography.  In some of them there is an added “I Spy” feature where the reader is asked to find objects hidden in the picture.  It does take a tremendously patient adult to work through these difficult mazes with an under-six child, so I recommend this for older children.  An answer key is at the end of the book.

Marcus Rogers and Christopher Gonzalez (Age 2), June 08

The Infinitely Patient Marcus Young and Christopher (Age 2), June 2008

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Publication Information: Burnie, Richard. Monumental Mazes. . 1999. ISBN: 0375801553.
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Posted on June 11, 2009

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