Book Review: The Tiny Seed

Rating: ★★★★★

This book tells the story of a group of flower seeds, blowing into the air in Autumn, with one tiny seed among them.  As they journey through many dangerous places, different seeds succumb to death before finding a place to take root: one flies too close to the sun and is burned up, one lands on an icy mountain too cold to germinate it; another lands in the ocean, and so on, but the tiny seed moves on with the remaining seeds.  As they begin to fall to the fertile earth, a bird eats one.  During the winter a mouse eats another, but still the tiny seed survives.  Another seed, on sprouting, is stunted by the proximity a great weed, and another is picked by a child just when it blooms.  Finally only the smallest seed is left, and it sprouts to become the greatest of flowers, which lives through the summer and sheds its own seeds in Autumn.

Readers who have experienced The Carrot Seed in their early reading will anticipate the future of this tiny seed, against all the obstacles arrayed against it.  And families that have heard Jesus’ Parable of the Seeds will recognize in this book a full-fledged dramatization of the same kind of story.  In this story children will learn about the life cycle of a flower, see the least of a family become the greatest of flowers, and will experience Carl’s distinctively beautiful collage-style of art.  This is a wonderful book on every level.

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Publication Information: Carle, Eric. Tiny Seed, The. . 2005. ISBN: 1416941126.
Categories: 5 Stars, Age 00-04
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Posted on May 28, 2009

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