Book Review: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Rating: ★★★★☆

This is the beginning of an enormously popular series of books.  Each is made up of a chain of fanciful interactions between a child and an animal.  In this one, a boy shares one of his cookies with a mouse, who asks for milk, then needs a straw to drink it with; on giving himself a milk moustache he asks to use a mirror, and on looking in the mirror decides he needs a haircut.  Each subsequent event is more absurd than the last, and the story ends with the mouse asking for a cookie.

While not high art, the illustrations are cheerfully, skillfully and whimsically drawn, and they tell the story so that little text is necessary.  There is a level of cultural literacy that is necessary before children can appreciate some of the humor, but there is enough here to appeal to a pretty wide age range, especially children who don’t enjoy reading longer stories.  Several from this set are available from the public library or elsewhere with a read-aloud recording, to which are added some funny songs and interesting commentary.

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Publication Information: Numeroff, Laura. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Bond, Felicia. If You Give...; . 1985. ISBN: 0060245875.
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Posted on May 15, 2009

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