Book Review: Leo the Late Bloomer

Rating: ★★★★☆

A reassuring story of patience and parental acceptance, cheerfully illustrated and told with simple and well-chosen words.  Leo’s father is worried because Leo doesn’t have the skills that his friends do: he doesn’t read, write, draw, or even speak.  Leo’s mother reassures him that in his own good time Leo will make it.  And, in his own good time, he does.  A nice story to read for the extra-precocious and those who take more time reaching milestones, because it emphasizes the importance of patience, and a recognition that each person possesses unique abilities which are expressed in different ways.

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Publication Information: Kraus, Robert. Leo the Late Bloomer. Arvego, Jose. . 1971. ISBN: 0878070435.
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Posted on May 13, 2009

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