Book Review: The Holes in Your Nose

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Another book in the spirit of Everyone Poops, but without the same humor or simplicity.  It opens with comparisons of different people’s nose holes, and proceeds to animals’ nose holes (the dolphin has one on top of its head; seals and hippos can close theirs to go underwater).  The content of “boogers” is described, and there’s an explanation of how the nose and mouth are connected.  There’s a little experimentation, where children are asked to hold their nose and try to talk, and a bit of non-essential body humor: “Wed the holes in my dose are sdubbed ub, I candt sbell id eved wed I fart.”

Young children are fascinated with the aspects of their body which they are not allowed to talk about, and this book attempts to bring a lighthearted, scientific understanding to this oft-overlooked body part.  However, the artwork is below mediocre, the text is unexciting, and there are better books that cover this topic without being boring (for example, The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body).

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Publication Information: Yagyu, Genichiro. Holes in Your Nose, The. My Body Science; . 2005. ISBN: 1929132824.
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Posted on May 11, 2009

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