Book Review: Alfie Wins a Prize

Rating: ★★★★☆

Alfie and his family are at the community fair, where he meets many of his friends.  He has entered a drawing in a children’s art contest.  When he wins a prize, he notices that another child is disappointed to have received the consolation prize, a sorry-looking plush toy.  After asking his father, he offers to trade his prize for hers, thus extending child-size compassion both for the other child and for the unwanted toy, which becomes “part of the family.”  In the process, he gains a new friend, and the girl invites him over to play with her later.

This book, like Hughes’ other books, is warmly illustrated with attention to realistic human details.  The fair takes place in the context of a community in which neighbors know each other and relate cordially, and Alfie’s parents are both kind and courteous, providing a nurturing environment for Alfie and his sister.  I love the way Alfie exemplifies the virtues of generosity and compassion in a way that small children can relate to.  This makes a very nice addition to any small child’s library.

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Publication Information: Hughes, Shirley. Alfie Wins a Prize. Alfie; . 2006. ISBN: 0099456389.
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Posted on May 11, 2009

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